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01/01/15: It is apparent I am not a web designer, nor do I wish to pay someone to put something together. I have attempted to put up just enough so that if someone is looking here, it may be discerened what I do.

Litetouch was purchased by Savant, then Savant dropped its modularized lighting system. I am working out an arrangement to retrofit with Vantage Controls. Vantage has a solution to reuse all exisitng Litetouch or Savant wiring with no wireless components.

Regardless of whose system you go with, if there are existing wiring issues there will be problems afterward - I review, find, fix problems. I can also do the review/find portion and you have your electrician fix them - especially if they created the problem(s) to begin with.

March 2016: I took the classes and I am now a certified Vanatage Installer. If you are looking at changing out your Litetouch system, Vantage has a completely wired retrofit solution. Vantage keeps all of your existing wiring and module enclosures. Lutron has a solution as well, one that requires RF devices and that cannot make use of all the existing wiring. There are many Lutron dealers you may speak with.

The wiring for what is now in place must be correct. Most system problems can be traced to an improper installation, improper movement of load wires, or someone working on a controlled load without detaching it from the module powering that load. Finding and fixing wiring problems is something I have been doing a long time.

April 2017: I have now installed one Vantage system and interfaced it with an existing Litetouch controller, this means you do not have to replace the entire thing. The installation involved a major remodel where the client did not want to upgrade the entire system (spans three properties). So we installed the Vantage controller, installed all Vantage keypads in the remodel area, then sent commands from the Vanatage system into the Litetouch system to create paths of lighting.

It should not be a mad rush to accommodate your needs. Plan early, careful installation, constant communication.